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The Electway is manufacturing EV charging products in a workstation on 50,000 square meters of area and with the help of over 100 house production workers and ten research and development personnel. Our company is focused on Commercial Ev Charging Stations, and we are one of the leading developers, designers, manufacturers, and marketing experts in this industry. We are pioneering the Chinese domestic market with our dedication to e-mobility facilities. We deal in a range of high-quality products, including AC chargers, DC chargers, EV connectors, V2H chargers, Tesla chargers, and many more high-end charging products.

We are global suppliers connected to reputed companies, agents, and distributors by giving them source-to-socket solutions. Our customized product support and on-site services are available for specialized projects worldwide. Our innovative product Ev Rapid Charger is highly efficient and charges the vehicle in less than an hour. Our company has extra precautions and has given the user a safe and secure environment by providing an emergency stop button for the users. Electric vehicles will overgrow soon because it is environment friendly and does not produce pollution to harm the environment.

If you are looking to set up a business in your region or install Ev Charging Plugs nearby you, we are there to fulfil your orders. We can take any number of orders and deliver them to you at a scheduled time. We are offering solid technical support along with professional pre-sale, in-sale and post-sale services. Our sales centres are available in different parts of the world so that you can connect to them quickly and know about our unique and innovative product along with the price range. Join us to become a distributor and earn a handsome amount of money through our exceptional range of EV charging products. To get the more information about the rapid chargers, then you can visit the company official website.