EV Charging Convenient and Versatile Charging Solution

Screen EV charging, also known as screen-to-charge technology, is an innovative and easy solution that allows electric vehicle (EV) to charge their vehicles by simply displaying a QR code or entering a code on a screen. People will explore the features and benefits of screen EV charging, as well as CCS portable chargers and Tesla DC plugs, under different headings.


Screen EV Charging:


44KW Advertisement Display Commercial Charging Station 

Outdoor Screen EV Charginge liminates the need for physical charging infrastructure by utilizing existing screens and devices. EV owners can quickly initiate the charging process by scanning a QR code or scanning a code displayed on a screen, such as a smartphone or a tablet. This technology offers flexibility and convenience, enabling charging at various locations where screens are readily available, such as parking lots, public spaces, or even at home.



CCS Portable Charger:


CCS (Combined Charging System) portable chargers provide a versatile charging solution for EV owners. These chargers feature a standardized connector compatible with a wide range of EV models. The portable nature of CCS Portable Charger allows for charging on the go, providing flexibility and convenience to EV owners who may not have access to fixed charging infrastructure. CCS portable chargers can be easily carried in the vehicle's trunk, providing a backup charging option for longer journeys or limited access to charging stations.



AC charging pile with type1 type 2 plug



Tesla DC Plug:


Tesla DC Plug is specifically designed for Tesla electric vehicles and utilize the Tesla Supercharger network. These plugs offer high-speed charging, significantly reducing charging times compared to standard charging methods. The Tesla Supercharger network provides a reliable and extensive charging infrastructure, allowing Tesla owners to travel long distances quickly. The Tesla DC plug ensures seamless compatibility and fast charging for Tesla EVs.




CCS2 To Tesla Adapter





What are used screen EV charging with any electric vehicle?


Screen EV charging can be compatible with various electric vehicle models, depending on the specific charging network or service provider. 


Can Tesla DC plug be used with non-Tesla electric vehicles?


No, the Tesla DC plug is specifically designed for Tesla electric vehicles and is not compatible with non-Tesla EVs. Tesla vehicles use a proprietary charging connector, which is different from the standardized connectors used by other electric vehicle manufacturers.